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Apart from curtains, another popular choice of window furnishing that Singaporeans look at to keep their home and office cool from the hot scorching sun in Singapore is the installation of curtain blinds.

Quality blinds should not be underestimated, as they are much more useful than you would normally assume. Windows on their own are just holes in the walls. But when you add window furnishings to your window like curtain blinds, you can enjoy a number of benefits.

Blinds not only provide you with the much-needed privacy in your room, but they also add an accent to your room and protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, keeping you cool in the hot humid weather in Singapore.

There are many types of curtain blinds that The Finishing Line provides. From roller blinds, Venetian blinds, to outdoor blinds. They are all at varying prices that everyone can pick to suit their own style and taste.

Indoor Blinds Singapore

Blinds SingaporeIndoor blinds provide you with more control over the amount of light entering the room and significantly reduces the sun’s rays and glare from entering your room according to your own needs. However, it still allows light to filter through your room and give some natural lighting to your room. Indoor blinds are ideal for a personal home theatre or the bedroom to prevent a rude awakening in the morning.

They also protect your indoor furniture from the harmful Ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your home furnishing which is why the installation of indoor blinds can help to protect you and your home furnishings from the harmful UV rays.

There are also a countless variety of styles, and colors, allowing to create the perfect look in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen to complement the room according to their styles. For example, if your room is brightly styled, you may complement the room by installing blinds that are bright in color.

Also, blinds can provide you with the ultimate privacy and light control that you cannot get from curtains. You may lower the blinds from the top for privacy control will also allowing natural light to shine through.

The Finishing line will ensure that you can always find the right indoor blinds for any room in your home.

Outdoor blinds Singapore

Blinds in SingaporeThere are many ways to improve an outdoor entertaining area in Singapore. Purchasing outdoor furniture and adding new colors to your outdoor space can be an option, but these can be expensive in Singapore. An affordable way to improve the aesthetics of your outdoor space in Singapore is by installing outdoor blinds.

Outdoor blinds help to give your outside space more personality, allowing you to complement the look of your property in Singapore. Installing simple outdoor blinds can make all the difference to how your outdoor space looks, and the atmosphere it brings. It also offers a number of benefits to your lot.

Not only does it add beauty to the building, outdoor blinds create a private outdoor space of sorts that many homeowners like. You do not have to worry about the neighbors gawking at you.

Outdoor blinds also grant you protection against the elements of the harsh sunlight and driving rain in Singapore, keeping your outdoor furniture safe away from the heat and rain. It also shades your home, keeping your home in Singapore cool from those extremely warm days in Singapore. These means that you save on your cooling bills and lengthen the life of your outdoor furniture.

Venetian blinds Singapore

Venetian blinds are blinds that come in horizontal slats which are one above another. They are a classic, and elegant window treatment and a popular choice of windows furnishing in Singapore.

One great thing about Venetian blinds is that they can give you control over how much light enters the home and office by controlling the blades. The ability to adjust the tilt of the blades of the blinds also give you maximum and precise control over the amount of privacy that you have.

Venetian blinds are also low maintenance as they do not need to be washed to keep them at their best. Just wipe them over with a cloth occasionally to keep them clean. You will not have to worry about taking too long to clean.

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