Everything you need to know about Trump's impeachment process: What's happened, who the players are, and what comes next

donald trump
Trump at the White House.
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December 13:

House Judiciary Committee passes 2 articles of impeachment against Trump, charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress

December 12:

Mitch McConnell says he's 'taking his cues' from Trump's lawyers as the GOP mulls a strategy for an impeachment trial

Here are all the major newspaper editorial boards that support impeaching Trump

December 11:

The public servants Trump smeared as 'traitors' and 'human scum' are Time magazine's 2019 'Guardians of the Year'

Republicans are homing in on 3 main defenses of Trump amid the Ukraine scandal. Here's why none of them hold up.

December 10:

House Democrats unveil 2 articles of impeachment against Trump, charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress

December 9:

Republicans hijacked the House Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearings and turned them into a circus

December 8:

'This a trap that Giuliani and Trump literally walked into': Russia may know more about the Ukraine scandal than we do

December 6:

White House says it won't participate in Trump impeachment hearing

Nancy Pelosi made her case for articles of impeachment at a CNN town hall. Here are the 5 biggest takeaways.

December 5:

Nancy Pelosi says House will move forward with articles of impeachment against Trump

Nancy Pelosi lambasted a reporter for asking if she hated the president, then stormed offstage: 'Don't mess with me when it comes to words like that'

Joe Biden tore into an Iowa voter who claimed he sent his son Hunter to work in Ukraine, calling him a 'damn liar' and challenging him to a push-up contest

December 4:

The biggest takeaways from the House Judiciary Committee's first public impeachment hearing

3 legal experts forcefully testified on Wednesday that Trump abused his power and should be impeached

The GOP's only impeachment witness on Wednesday contradicted his own previous testimony

Progressive impeachment legal witness Pamela Karlan unexpectedly cited Brett Kavanaugh to argue foreign nationals shouldn't interfere in US elections

One of the nation's top constitutional experts unloaded on Trump in Wednesday's impeachment hearing, saying he committed 'impeachable high crimes' and abused power

December 3:

GOP Rep. Devin Nunes' phone calls with Giuliani and one of his indicted Ukraine associates showed up in the House's impeachment report

House Intelligence Committee's impeachment report found that Trump engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukraine and obstructed Congress' impeachment inquiry

December 2:

Ukraine's president rejected one of Trump's main defenses for withholding military aid, but denied there was a quid pro quo

November 28:

A recent court ruling could open the floodgates and let Congress haul in all of Trump's allies who have refused to testify in the impeachment inquiry

November 27:

2 US officials were so disgusted Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine that they resigned

Rudy Giuliani was angling for a 6-figure business deal with a corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor while pushing him to get political dirt on the Bidens

November 26:

Women are the biggest supporters of impeachment and want Trump removed by an 18-point margin

Trump knew about the whistleblower complaint prior to unfreezing military aid to Ukraine a bombshell new report says

November 25:

House impeachment investigators reportedly have secret recordings of Trump and Rudy Giuliani, given to them by Giuliani's associate Lev Parnas

The US Supreme Court ruled to temporarily shield Trump's financial records from Congress

'Presidents are not kings': Judge rules that former White House counsel Don McGahn must testify before Congress related to Mueller investigation

Former White House counsel Don McGahn has been ordered to testify before Congress. Experts say the court ruling may encourage Bolton and other top Trump officials to come forward in the impeachment probe.

November 24:

A confidential White House review reportedly found emails from top officials trying to justify Trump's Ukraine military-aid block

Moderate Republicans went all in defending Trump at the impeachment hearings, which means Democrats have no chance to win them over

Rudy Giuliani says he has 'files' on the Bidens that will be released 'if I disappear'

November 23:

State Department documents link Mike Pompeo to Rudy Giuliani in the months leading up to Yovanovitch's recall

The 5 impeachment witnesses who locked down the Democrats' case against Trump

Ukraine's President Zelensky said he didn't feel pressured by Trump. Here's why that's bogus.

November 22: 

There's a huge loophole in the GOP's claim that Trump's sale of Javelin missiles to Ukraine shows his support for the country

Trump essentially admitted on live TV to doing the thing he's accused of in the impeachment inquiry

John Bolton says his Twitter account was 'supressed unfairly' after he left the Trump White House, and he dropped a cryptic hint that a bombshell revelation may be coming soon

Here are the most important takeaways from every day of Trump's impeachment hearings

November 21:

Fiona Hill and David Holmes gave powerful testimony about how everything was about to 'blow up' with Trump and Ukraine. Here are the biggest takeaways from their impeachment-inquiry hearing.

Former NSC official Fiona Hill gave a master class on what it means to be a non-partisan fact witness

Former NSC official Fiona Hill blasted sexist attitudes about women's anger in her impeachment testimony, and people love her for it

Impeachment witness Fiona Hill said she thought Gordon Sondland's testimony about Biden wasn't 'credible'

Fiona Hill slams Republican lawmakers who've promoted 'politically driven falsehoods that so clearly advance Russian interests'

Republicans are using massive signs to defend Trump so the cameras can catch them in the televised impeachment hearings

November 20:

A Pentagon official unexpectedly blew up Trump's defense in the Ukraine scandal and Gordon Sondland threw everyone under the bus. Here are the biggest takeaways from Wednesday's impeachment hearings.

Defense Department official gives bombshell testimony that US and Ukrainian officials asked about frozen military aid on the same day as Trump's call with Zelensky

Republicans are grasping at straws after EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland blew up one of their last defenses of Trump

Trump's ambassador to the EU says the president ordered him against his will to work with Rudy Giuliani on Ukraine

Cameras captured Trump's Ukraine talking points, written in giant Sharpie letters: 'I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo.'

The GOP warned Ambassador Sondland that he'd be 'smeared' by Democrats in the impeachment hearing before turning around and smearing him themselves

Rapper A$AP Rocky was a surprise focal point of Ambassador Sondland's impeachment hearing testimony

November 19:

The GOP's own witnesses blew up their case and a Purple Heart recipient was accused of disloyalty. Here are the biggest takeaways from Tuesday's impeachment hearings.

Republicans tried to smear Alexander Vindman by implying the US military officer has dual loyalty to Ukraine

Kurt Volker completely reverses his previous impeachment testimony and now says he thought discussions about political investigations were 'inappropriate'

Republicans called Kurt Volker to testify and he promptly shut down the right wing's biggest allegation against Joe Biden

Devin Nunes used all his time in the impeachment hearing to try to out the Ukraine whistleblower

November 18:

23 photos show the key moments of Trump's impeachment so far

Ambassador Sondland said Trump doesn't 'give a s---' about Ukraine except when it benefits him personally, official testifies

November 15:

Marie Yovanovitch took aim at Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and top brass at the State Department in damning testimony

Marie Yovanovitch gave powerful and incriminating testimony in the Trump impeachment hearing. Here are the biggest takeaways.

Trump attacked Marie Yovanovitch as she testified about learning she was fired while honoring an assassinated corruption activist

Experts say Trump's attacks on Marie Yovanovitch during the impeachment hearing amount to witness intimidation

Marie Yovanovitch was met with resounding applause and cheers after testifying for almost 7 hours in Trump's impeachment inquiry

Congressional Republicans are repeating many baseless conspiracy theories in Trump's impeachment inquiry. Here's why they're all bogus.

'Sondland told Trump that Zelensky 'loves your ass'': Official who overheard a call between Trump and a US ambassador testifies Trump asked about Ukraine investigations

November 14:

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace called the impeachment testimony 'very damaging' to Trump. The network earlier ran a graphic referring to Bill Taylor as a 'never Trumper.'

See the viral exchange where a Republican tried calling out Trump's whistleblower during the blockbuster impeachment hearings and a Democrat had the perfect response

November 13:

Bill Taylor and George Kent's vivid testimony in the first open impeachment hearing blew up Trump's defense in the Ukraine scandal

Bill Taylor and George Kent gave devastating testimony in the first Trump impeachment hearing. Here are the biggest takeaways.

A top State Department official blew a hole through one of Trump's main talking points in the impeachment hearing

Longtime diplomat Bill Taylor testifies that he had never seen a US president make foreign aid conditional on their personal or political interests

Top US diplomat Bill Taylor revealed details of a previously unknown phone call between Trump and Gordon Sondland in his bombshell impeachment hearing testimony

State Department official George Kent accuses Rudy Giuliani of 'infecting' US-Ukraine relations with 'false information' and a 'smear campaign' in impeachment hearing testimony

November 12:

Trump wants to fire the intelligence watchdog who told Congress about the whistleblower's complaint

A Pentagon official's newly released testimony further devastated Trump's central impeachment defense that Ukraine aid freeze wasn't linked to search for Biden dirt

Republicans are trying to shift the argument over impeachment to what was going on inside Trump's mind, after testimony tore apart defenses based on fact

November 11:

Aides reportedly tried to anticipate the fallout from Biden's son's dealings in Ukraine back in 2014 but were shut down because he was consumed by grief

A businessman involved in Giuliani's quest for Biden dirt claims he was sent on a mission to broker a 'quid pro quo,' and his testimony could be highly damaging for Trump

John Bolton's lawyer dropped an intriguing hint that shows why he could be the most dangerous witness against Trump

November 10:

House Intelligence members say committee has evidence of a Trump-Ukraine 'extortion scheme'

November 9:

House Republicans requested that Hunter Biden and the whistleblower publicly testify in impeachment hearings

Here's how Trump could be impeached, removed from office, and still win re-election in 2020

November 8:

Trump's former top Russia adviser Fiona Hill's impeachment testimony paints damning picture of pressure put on Ukraine

Here are the biggest takeaways from Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman's blockbuster testimony against Trump

November 7:

Ukraine was about to cave to Trump's demands. Then the public found out about the whistleblower.

November 6:

Rudy Giuliani lawyers up as federal prosecutors investigate and the impeachment inquiry ramps up

Transcript of Bill Taylor's testimony underscores extreme lengths Trump went to in urging Ukraine to investigate Bidens

Adam Schiff announces public hearings in impeachment probe will begin next Wednesday

November 5:

Former diplomat Kurt Volker says Rudy Giuliani was a 'direct conduit' to Ukraine and demanded they publicly announce an investigation into the Bidens

Gordon Sondland, US ambassador to the EU, is the latest witness to confirm a quid pro quo between Trump and Ukraine

November 4:

An indicted businessman with ties to Rudy Giuliani is willing to comply with Trump impeachment inquiry

It looks like Trump and Giuliani's efforts to intimidate and bully the former Ukrainian ambassador went much further than publicly known

Ukraine is firing the prosecutor who discussed a probe of the Bidens with Giuliani

Trump's ex-Ukraine envoy said she felt 'shocked' and threatened when Trump told Ukraine's president she was 'going to go through some things'

November 3:

The whistleblower at the heart of the impeachment inquiry has offered to answer written questions from House Republicans, lawyer says

October 31:

Former White House official testified that military aid to Ukraine was held up by Trump's demand to investigate Joe Biden

House passes resolution formalizing impeachment inquiry into Trump as GOP continues to slam process

Former national security adviser John Bolton asked to testify in House impeachment inquiry

October 29:

House Democrats took an important step in the impeachment inquiry, throwing a wrench into the GOP's biggest defense

A top White House official is about to blow a hole through Trump's main defense about the Ukraine call

October 24:

It looks like the Trump administration's pressure campaign against Ukraine may have gone further than freezing military aid

Intelligence veterans say Republicans storming a secure congressional facility was a 'thuggish' and 'offensive' stunt that risked national security

October 23:

House Republicans stormed a closed-door impeachment hearing and refused to leave — and Trump approved of it

Ukraine just threw a huge wrench into Trump's key defense denying a quid pro quo

October 22:

Trump's Ukraine envoy gave 'damning' testimony to Congress that prompted 'sighs and gasps' from people in the room

Putin and Hungary reportedly 'poisoned' Trump's view on Ukraine and reinforced his belief that the country was 'hopelessly corrupt'

October 19:

8 Trump officials made stunning revelations about how the president and Giuliani weaponized the State Department

October 17:

Mick Mulvaney publicly confirms Trump held up Ukraine aid for political gain

Gordon Sondland, a central figure in the Ukraine scandal, threw Trump and Giuliani under the bus in his opening statement to Congress

October 15:

Trump's White House counsel Pat Cipollone is the first line of defense when it comes to batting back House Democrats' impeachment inquiry

The floodgates are opening as Trump officials publicly defy his orders and more whistleblowers come out of the shadows

October 14:

FBI officials were 'rattled' and 'blindsided' by Trump's call for Ukraine to manufacture dirt on Joe Biden

Prosecutors are scouring Rudy Giuliani's bank records and business dealings in Ukraine as part of a widening criminal investigation

October 11:

Federal prosecutors are investigating whether Rudy Giuliani violated foreign lobbying laws in Ukraine

Ex-Ukraine envoy says she was fired on 'unfounded' and 'false' grounds after standing up to Trump and Giuliani

A federal court ordered Trump's accounting firm to turn over 8 years of his taxes to Congress

October 10:

2 of Rudy Giuliani's associates who prosecutors say helped him dig up dirt on Joe Biden have been charged with campaign finance violations

A White House adviser is flip-flopping on whether China gave him information on Joe Biden's son after Trump asked Beijing to investigate the Bidens

October 8:

White House says Trump 'cannot permit his administration' to cooperate with the 'partisan and unconstitutional' impeachment inquiry

A White House official who listened in on Trump's Ukraine call described it as 'crazy' and 'frightening'

The State Department blocked Ambassador Gordon Sondland from testifying to Congress about the Ukraine scandal

October 5:

Trump is reportedly blaming Rick Perry for his infamous call with the Ukrainian president

House Democrats subpoena the White House and Mike Pence as part of impeachment inquiry

October 4:

A 2nd intelligence official is considering filing a whistleblower complaint about Trump and Ukraine

Trump brought up Joe Biden during a June phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping

Trump reportedly personally ordered the removal of ambassador to Ukraine after people said she was impeding Biden investigations

Newly revealed text messages show Trump diplomats' internal turmoil over his pressure on Ukraine

October 3:

Trump's conspiracies are reaching a fever pitch amid revelations that the whistleblower went to Congress before filing their complaint

There's a 2nd whistleblower complaint no one's talking about, and it could be as damaging to Trump as the Ukraine scandal

Trump's top diplomat in Ukraine said in a text message that it was 'crazy' to withhold aid in exchange 'for help with a political campaign'

2 top Trump deputies drafted a statement for Ukraine's president committing him to pursuing political investigations for Trump

October 2:

The Trump whistleblower told the House Intelligence Committee about their concerns before filing an official complaint

The State Department's watchdog will tell Congress about efforts to intimidate officials from cooperating with the Trump impeachment inquiry

Mike Pompeo made at least 4 significantly misleading statements about his role in the Trump-Ukraine phone call

Trump used Mike Pence to tell Ukraine the US would withhold military aid while demanding that it investigate corruption

Pompeo confirms he was on Trump's Ukraine call after previously dodging questions about it

October 1:

Trump's false theory that whistleblower requirements changed just before the complaint over his Ukraine call got shut down by the intelligence watchdog

The White House is 'paralyzed' and 'teetering on the edge of a cliff' as it grapples with Ukraine fallout and 'Hurricane Rudy'

'Pure insanity': Intelligence veterans are floored by Barr's 'off the books' overtures to foreign officials about the Russia probe

September 30:

Mike Pompeo reportedly took part in Trump's July 25 phone call with Ukraine's president

Trump pressed Australia's prime minister to help Attorney General Barr investigate the origins of the Russia probe

Former Ukrainian prosecutor says Giuliani repeatedly pushed him to investigate the Bidens

September 27:

A top State Department official at the center of the Ukraine whistleblower complaint just resigned

Justice Department veterans say Trump could be accused of breaking 4 laws in the Ukraine whistleblower scandal

Rudy Giuliani claims that he's 'the real whistleblower' and that no one will know the real story on Trump and Ukraine 'if I get killed'

'Lawyer up': DOJ veterans have one piece of advice for Trump and Giuliani amid the Ukraine whistleblower scandal

September 26:

Read the full declassified whistleblower complaint about a phone call between Trump and Ukraine's president

Here are the biggest moments from acting DNI Joseph Maguire's testimony to Congress about an explosive whistleblower complaint against Trump

Whistleblower says White House officials were 'deeply disturbed' by Trump's call with Ukraine's president and worried they 'had witnessed the president abuse his office for personal gain'

Acting DNI Joseph Maguire undermined the GOP's entire argument against the whistleblower in one sentence

The White House has a complete transcript of Ukraine call but hid it in a possible abuse of power, whistleblower complaint says

Trump suggested the whistleblower who filed a complaint against him is guilty of treason, which is punishable by death

The whistleblower who filed an explosive complaint against Trump is reportedly a CIA officer once assigned to the White House

The US's top intelligence watchdog found Trump's conduct so alarming it could expose him to blackmail

September 25:

The Trump whistleblower raised concerns that the White House handled records of the call with Ukraine's president in an 'unusual' way

Trump mentioned a wild conspiracy theory about the DNC and the Russia probe in his phone call with Ukraine's president

Ukrainian officials say Trump would only talk to Zelensky 'if they would discuss the Biden case' in their July phone call

Nancy Pelosi brought a combative attitude to a phone call with Trump before launching an impeachment inquiry

The notes on Trump's call with Ukraine's president hint at a quid pro quo over investigating Joe Biden's son

The US's top spy agency referred the Trump whistleblower complaint to the DOJ for criminal investigation. The DOJ decided not to investigate.

September 24:

Trump aides were so afraid he'd pressure Ukraine to investigate Biden that they tried to derail his call with the Ukrainian president

Trump tried to negotiate with Pelosi on the whistleblower complaint after she announced an impeachment inquiry. Pelosi told him to take a hike.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just announced the House will launch a formal impeachment inquiry against Trump amid whistleblower scandal

Trump confirms he withheld military aid from Ukraine before pressing Zelensky to probe Biden

September 23:

Trump reportedly slammed the brakes on a $400 million military-aid package to Ukraine days before he asked its president to investigate Joe Biden

September 19:

'DEFCON 1': US officials are rocked by a whistleblower complaint involving Trump's talks with a foreign leader

September 18:

The US's top spy agency just dropped a big hint that an 'urgent' whistleblower complaint involves Trump or someone close to him

A major whistleblower complaint at the US's top spy agency involves a Trump phone call with a 'promise' to a foreign leader

September 14:

The acting director of national intelligence is withholding a mysterious whistleblower complaint of 'urgent concern' that may involve Trump