Great Restaurant in Ajman means scrumptious food in Ajman

By The Deccan Delight

Ajman, Sharjah is the city of admirers of good food and it is where you get some of the finest non-veg cuisine dishes of the world. Famous for its countless Hyderabadi cuisines dishes, Ajman pampers the taste buds of gourmets with non-veg food in abundance. Each part of Ajman has a specialty dish of its own and each of them is known for its distinct flavour and taste. The foodies would find an assortment of dishes from mouth-watering Mughlai to traditional chat, desserts and so many local food delicacies at the good restaurants in Ajman. One can enjoy an amazing variety of food dishes over here and this is why this magnificent city is truly worth visiting.

Ajman offers you the real feel of India with its diverse and distinct cuisines. With every Indian restaurant of the city with its own assortment of specialty cuisines, from lip-smacking kababs to mouth-watering tandoori items to yummy Mughal sweet meals, Ajman has it all. Your gastronomical tour in Ajman can be started with Deccan Delight. You can enjoy a vast range of non-vegetarian cuisine dishes such as the best biryani, best tandoori chicken, the best haleem in UAE, etc. over here that are simply unparalleled in taste and flavour. This leading restaurant offers the best food delights at its best. Deccan Delight is also the place to get some excellent Hyderabadi non-veg dishes like chicken Biryani masala, dum murgh biryani and haleem.

Known for the extremely tasty dishes and distinct style of serving, Deccan Delight restaurant will make you come here again and again. With ever-growing popularity and demand, Deccan Delight is the perfect place to savour the diverse mouth-watering dishes from Hyderabad. For great dining with hygienic and less oily dishes at affordable prices, Deccan Delight is just the ticket.

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