A man killed a Chicago college student after she ignored his catcalls, prosecutors say

A Chicago college student was killed last Saturday by a man who catcalled her and then grew enraged when she didn't respond, prosecutors said.

Ruth George, 19, was walking alone on campus to her parked car when Donald Thurman, 26, tried to speak to her, according to the Cook County assistant state's attorney, James Murphy.

George ignored Thurman's repeated attempts, which devolved into catcalling, then violence, Murphy said.

"The defendant was angry that he was being ignored," Murphy told reporters at a press conference. "The defendant came up behind the victim, grabbed her around the neck from behind, and put her into a chokehold."

He continued: "With his arms still wrapped around the victim's neck, the defendant dragged the victim from the ground and he opened her backseat car door."

Murphy said Thurman confessed to police that he choked George, threw her in the car unconscious, and had "sexual contact" with her, though he denied having intercourse.

Murphy added that surveillance footage showed Thurman following George down the street and into the parking garage, then running out alone roughly 35 minutes later.

George's mother released a statement Tuesday morning saying she hoped no other women would meet the same fate as her daughter.

"Ruth lived out her deep faith in Jesus by loving and serving others, leaving a legacy of Christ-centered kindness and sacrifice," the statement read, according to The Chicago Tribune. "She was the beloved baby of the family. We grieve with hope. We hold no hatred towards to perpetrator, but our hope is no other girl would be harmed in this way and for a mother to never experience this type of heartache."

George was studying kinesiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and planned to become a physical therapist, The Tribune reported.

Shortly before her death, she and a friend had attended a semi-formal event and took a ride-share back to campus, where they parted.

The public defender representing Thurman, Valerie Panozzo, told the court on Tuesday that Thurman was homeless and had a history of mental health issues. She added that he has received death threats, and requested that he be held in protective custody at the Cook County Jail.

Thurman is charged with first-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault and is being held without bail.