Our Culture

The culture of any organization flows from its people, so we seek out teammates who share our values and drive, not people who are exactly like us. We’ve built a company that allows everyone to take risks and thrive professionally — without ever hiding their authentic selves.

“What I love about Fivetran is that you can be yourself, you can be in a comfortable space, and that really allows you to do your best.”

“When I work at Fivetran I don’t really feel like I’m doing work. It’s more like I’m helping out friends. So that whole feeling of community here can’t be replicated anywhere else.”

“You spend so much of your life at work, and so it was really important for me to have people and a culture that feeds you and helps you grow.”

“The growth that you get, the satisfaction that you get working here may not be in terms of promotions only. When you own something that’s amazing, you just want to shout out, I want to continue working here.”

“Diversity and inclusion is an end in itself. A diverse world is a better world.”

Fivetran Women connects, educates and empowers all female-identifying women and their allies at Fivetran through social impact, professional development, intersectional support and advocacy.

Businesses don’t exist in isolation — they belong to the local community. At Fivetran, we embrace that role, hosting community events and seeking out diverse local talent though our Tech Equity Pipeline Program (TEPP).

Established out of Y Combinator in 2013, Fivetran began with a realization: For modern companies using cloud-based software and storage, traditional ETL tools badly underperformed. So we designed an entirely new kind of data connector.

Our five-star Glassdoor rating is no accident — we’re deeply committed to employee growth and well-being. Join us!

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