Ask HN: Has anyone experienced workplace training that made a difference? | Hacker News

It's not strictly workplace training, but I once worked on a small website for an occupational physiotherapist, and as payment he came to my employers office and helped out with a load of health and safety stuff.

We went over the standard stuff, like foot rests under desks, but he also checked our posture, helped us find more comfortable ways to sit, and recommended different chairs to people that had back issues.

It sounds silly, but I only spent ten minutes with him at max. From that ten minutes:

* I learned how to sit so that my posture is correct. I'm yet to have any back issues after a decade of programming, so it's worked well so far!

* My bosses were told that employees should move around for at least 5 minutes every hour. This in itself was fantastic, as it forced people to get out of their chairs and interact with each other.

* Those that needed foot rests were given them, along with arm rests, suitable mice/keyboards, etc. Since I did some freelance stuff at home at the time, he suggested using a trackball either at work or at home to switch things up. I still have that trackball mouse, and it helps with the stress that constant mouse-use puts on your hands.

* He recommended those with bad backs to a specialist shop that deals with special office equipment. My boss, who had suffered with a bad back for years, switched his chair to what was essentially a spring on wheels, and his back got better every week. A few months later, he was playing football for the first time in years.

It's not strictly training, for a minimal amount of time he offered a service that helped more people than a lot of standard office/workplace training. A few years later, at my old workplace we brought a similar person in at my recommendation, and the benefits were visible all over again. If you're a manager, and you're thinking of getting some new equipment in, or are thinking about health and safety, I definitely recommend this.