The most important thing to know before sign up for yoga teacher training in India

The most important thing to know before sign up for yoga teacher training in India Yoga and India go hand in hand, as the country is the birthplace of yoga with innumerable yogis gaining name and fame in the past years. Gaining yogic knowledge in India is a dream for people all across the globe. The students coming from the western countries are initially hesitant about the atmosphere and the travelling duration that had made them uncomfortable in a new environment. Gradually, after the enrollment in the 200- hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, uniquely designed, including the well- qualified teachers, modern accommodations, and vegetable diet, it makes the training journey extraordinarily safe and comfortable. The awareness for yoga leads to an increase in the number of institutes and teachers Yoga is an age-old practice from the Vedic period but had increased its popularity in recent years all around the world. As demand for yoga increases, so is the demand for the teachers, and the training institutes have also shown an increased number and had reached its glory touching the 80 million mark. You are getting yourself trained into a yoga teacher, so below are the few tips to consider before signing up for the most respectable designation. Setting your goals does not imply more expectations from the course Do not expect much from the 300-hour yoga teacher training course you are going to enroll as no one in this can predict your future. You do not know what will you feel and what your future after signing up for the training program. Without overthinking, start the journey and enjoy the most to make a life-changing experience for you. The main idea to join the training institute was to teach yoga in the future, but that may change too after a few months of your training program. The class may be boredom for you, and the idea of teaching is slowly fainting from your head or maybe something else. You may find yourself in a dilemma about standing in front of so many students to teach yoga may be frightening and a nervous breakdown. In other words, you are experiencing a few highs and lows with mixed emotions about your future as an instructor. Live for today, and it may open wide gates to future Nevertheless, give a break to your thought thinking about your future becoming an instructor instead enjoy for today and get the most from today for yourself and not for the entire world around you. Remember, you are in an authentic and purest atmosphere and will soon be in a different world that you have ever imagined in your life. Accept the hurdles during the course for your betterment When the 200- hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is on, do not be disheartened when you are unable to follow the instructor's advice or are unable to perform well in a particular posture. Also, do not imply to pretend that you know everything instead seek help from the instructor, mentors, teachers present during the training program. It will help you to learn more by avoiding confusion and, most importantly, do not let ego come while clearing any doubts. Keep enough tissues with you when you train during yoga, after, before yoga, and during the lecture sessions. You need to have positive thinking, as the knowledge you are seeking is something profound and new to you. Discomfort, unexpected emotions, at times overwhelming, and at times upsetting are the few experiences you will be going through but take all of them in your stride and enjoy the beautiful journey. Be healthy for all the overhead shortcomings No need to be heartbroken if you are injuring during the performance of any complicated posture; instead, remember, this is your initial stage of learning that may help to assist others too. On the contrary, you need to be keen to face these injuries yourselves instead of panicking, as you are soon going to help others injuries as an instructor. You need to study well during the 300-hour yoga teacher training and accept all the feelings you are to face during the program. Until and unless you know all the ins and outs of the training session, do not try to teach others as that may be harmful instead of being helpful. By this time, you are aware of the complicated yoga sessions that may train you to be a teacher. Surely, keep teaching your head about your intentions, your goals, and your heart and keep growing. It is just the beginning of your memorable journey and does not end it due to a few hurdles during the course. The obstacles come to teach you and then go own way. The Bodhi Yoga Yaduvansi Shiva Hotels 159, Badrinath Road Tapovan, Rishikesh, UK, India EMAIL: , Website: PHONE: +91-9229684734, 7987476853