Question Asked before Playing with Metal Dice

By Bluewizard Gaming

Bluewizard Gaming

Metal dice can be a fun and smart addition to your table. Their solid edges and substantial weight, and sleek metal sparkle set them separated. In any case, there are a ton of inquiries for players acquiring their first set, so we wanted to pause for a minute to address a couple of basic inquiries.

Will metal dice damage my table?

The idea of metal dice doing damage is a typical one; however it’s not as basic as a yes or no. Table surfaces have an enormous assortment — and some may have a delicate top coat that can get scratches from use as basic as composing with a pencil. Your own move quality is additionally a huge factor, however again in the event that you are tossing your dice hard enough considerably polymer dice could be an issue. From our experience; standard utilization of metal dice won’t damage a run of the mill play surface. Our standard 16mm dice weight around 0.9 ounces each and with a typical roll the power would not be solid. In any case in the event that you are moving on a delicate wood table or think there still could be another reason for concern, at that point you might need to investigate obtaining a gaming mat or essentially moving on a scratch pad to stop the power.

Will my metal dice rust?

In our previous post we covered straightforward cleaning guidelines for metal dice. While typical utilization should not be causing any dread, it’s critical to keep your dice spotless and away from liquid. Rusted metal expands and tends to disrupt the defensive covering which enables progressively rust to shape so the best security is remaining proactive.

Do metal dice move genuine?

Due to liquid zinc throwing in impeccably machined throws, metal dice display flawlessly distributed moves, demonstrating no inclination towards a specific number.