Georgia Has a Coast?

That’s where this new project has taken me. I have literally changed my perspective, and I am obsessed with it. Shooting from a drone, with a straight-down vantage point, has allowed me to explore my coastal muse with a brand new eye. I see fundamental elements like terrain, light, shadow, shapes and texture differently now. I fantasize and dream about new photographs. I have found inspiration in the exploration.

I did not set out to make a statement, but everything starts from the basis of love. My work has always had an underlying connection with conservation. While I’m no politician or even an occasional protester, I am an artist, and I can use my skills to evoke change. The coastal landscape I love is ever changing and in need of protection and care. My hope is that my work may be used to bring an awareness to lawmakers and citizens alike that we must do all we can to be responsible stewards of this beautiful land. Where politics and science tend to rule the conservation topic, I feel that art can go beyond the reach of those traditional methods and strike the emotional connection in all of us.

Art can educate and move the viewer; it can make you stop in mid-scroll and say damn, and if you pick up just a little bit more awareness about what surrounds us, it’s worked.

In “Call to Arms,” the Kentucky songwriter Sturgill Simpson writes, “Nobody is lookin' up to care about a drone, all too busy lookin' down at our phone.”

While I know Sturgill is referring more than my personal works of art, I like the metaphor that he draws here. For me, it’s about being passionate about something that matters. I don’t care if it’s environmental, humanitarian, or political. It’s about creating a path between passion and communication.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve focused my lens on the literal pathways that become so clear in several of these photos. I want to bring you here, to the coast of Georgia, which some folks don’t even know exists. I want you to see the way the light reflects off the late winter marsh, giving it an almost fur-like appearance from above.

Maybe then, you will be moved enough to learn more, explore further and cultivate change.