Limestone fireplaces ranging from modern to traditional. Artisan Kraft offers a huge selection of products made from various materials including marble, cast stone and limestone. This stone is a great option for traditional and modern designs.

Limestone is a stately natural stone that is many times replicated due to its beauty. It’s timeless qualities have made it the choice stone of kings and Queens for thousands of years. Many beautiful limestone surrounds can be seen today in Manors and castles dating back thousands of years. These old world stone fireplaces in Gothic and English Tudor styles can be viewed above. We replicated these old world English Styles. Contemporary or modern fireplace styles can also be seen and purchased.

It has a simple consist granular quality. Limestone is a frequently replicated stone for this reason. Most cast stone, precast and GFRC materials are made to replicate limestone and it is easy to see why. It should be mentioned that Artisan Kraft also offers Cast Stone that is made of actual limestone. Our Cast Stone looks and feels very similar to natural limestone and is a great options for those looking for a limestone like finish. Cast stone is light weight, highly durable and easy to install. Sandstone is another natural stone that has the old world stone look and feel of natural limestone.

Sandstone is also a sedimentary stone that comes in several colors. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between sandstone Limestone. Many times they are used interchangeably for that reason. One major benefit to sandstone is that it is less expensive. Sandstone being more affordable makes it a great choice. View our sale page to get some great ideas for a surround option. Click this link to view an example of the Newport Fireplace.

Limestone comes in several different colors. Artisan Kraft offers serval variations of this natural stone including a creamish color and a mocca color. Limestone is a naturally occurring stone that is made up of sand, calcite and other minerals that have settled and stacked over time. In fact, you can actually see the sediment layers in the naturals stone.

Shop many more great items such as columns and bathtubs. Purchase a custom made range hood. Most of our products we can install in the Chicago-land and New York areas. Visit the fireplace showroom in Chicago or call the Los Angeles, California office. A showroom with bathtubs, range hoods and columns will be coming to LA in the neat future.