Senior Software Engineer - Applications Team

About the team: 

The Applications Team bridges the gap between our machine learning at scale and our customers' needs. By combining a strong sense of what is right for the customer with knowledge of big data and distributed systems, we provide a seamless way for our customers to make decisions, learn insights and navigate the ever-changing world of fraud fighting without needing to understand the complex technology underneath.  That means creating a web application that distills complex ML signals, automation tools running on a highly-available multi-service architecture, and providing customer-facing analytics tooling to make endless streams of data understandable, actionable and usable.

What we’re looking for: 

As an engineer on the Applications team, you will be designing and building systems that enables Sift’s customers to act and respond to machine learning insights in real time.  Running MapReduce over hundreds of Hadoop nodes, designing HBase tables for terabytes of data, and building real-time, high-scale, fault-tolerant distributed systems are all everyday parts of the job.  Additionally, you will always be thinking about our customers and ensuring that the software we write is focused on solving their real-world problems.

What you’ll do: 

  • Enable Sift’s customers to act and respond to our machine learning insights in real time.
  • Create distributed workflow systems that automate our key customers’ business processes
  • Design and build systems that aggregate large quantities of customer data to help customers visualize and understand their business.
  • Build highly scalable, distributed microservices that can handle hundreds of millions of events per day

What would make you a strong fit: 

  • 5+ years creating succinct, performant, and easily readable code in Java, C#, Scala or Go
  • 5+ years designing API servers that have integrated and scaled with different customers
  • Experience using large-scale NoSQL databases like HBase or Cassandra
  • Experience with distributed systems and/or highly scalable, customer-facing applications
  • Familiarity with cloud infrastructure (e.g. AWS)
  • Strong communication & collaboration skills, and a belief that team output is more important than individual output
  • BS in Computer Science or related field

A little about us: 

Sift Science is a hyper-growth Series D company that facilitates the largest trust network of online businesses and consumers on the internet.

The Sift Science Trust PlatformTM uses real-time machine learning to accurately predict which users businesses can trust, and which ones they can’t. The upshot? Consumers know which companies they can entrust with their personal and financial information. And businesses can customize each user's experience based on their trust score – which leads to more revenue, higher conversion rates, and less fraud and abuse.