The on-the-go dual screen laptop monitor by Mobile Pixels

DUO: The on-the-go dual screen laptop monitor

Boost your productivity and allow for efficient multitasking with DUO’s simple-to-use, lightweight and sleek design.

Boost your productivity and allow for efficient multitasking with DUO’s simple-to-use, lightweight and sleek design. ⬇️LIMITED AVAILABILITY⬇️

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The completely portable dual-screen laptop accessory that promises to boost your productivity by up to 50% and allows for efficient multitasking. Attach DUO to the back of any laptop, and you’re ready to work wherever you are!

DUO is plug and display. Simply plug DUO into your laptop, and you’re ready to boost your productivity by up to 50%!

DUO provides a full 270° rotation, with the option for a 180° presentation mode, so you can choose your optimum viewing angle for any situation. You can also slide DUO to either side of your laptop screen.

DUO was created with high-quality industry materials and can withstand the wear and tear that comes with transporting your laptop around.

At 1.5 pounds, DUO gives you the true mobility you need to move from workspace to workspace.

The DUO video driver has an energy-star rating to reduce battery drain from your laptop.

DUO is compatible with any laptop via simple USB connection and available in a 12.5-inch size to best fit your laptop.

DUO has a 1080p high-resolution display, so everything you see is crisp and clear.


Toggling between tabs, windows, and applications can make us lose, on average, about 10 seconds every five minutes. That adds up to be a huge loss in productivity on an average workday.

Unfortunately, a second desktop monitor doesn’t help employees when they work from home or travel.

DUO is a convenient, yet affordable, on-the-go dual screen option, so the large fraction of the computer-using population isn’t forced to lose out on the proven benefits and productivity that come with using multiple screens.

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Every product stems from the invention of necessity, and DUO is no different. Here’s our story about how we came up with our innovative dual-screen laptop accessory.

While working at Amazon, DUO’s creator, Jack, was constantly frustrated by the lack of a secondary monitor that could help him work more efficiently. Feeling strangely nostalgic about the work monitor he used at his previous job, he decided to build a laptop monitor from a broken laptop.

During the process, he realized that most of the secondary monitors available were stationary, and he couldn’t move around with them. So, he built a prototype of a light and portable monitor that he could carry anywhere with him.

Soon, everyone in the office wanted one, and our product, DUO, was born!

Yao and Banda are from the MIT school of engineering and the MIT Sloan School of Management where they gained funding from MIT Sandbox, which promotes student entrepreneurship. The team is also funded by IDEA Northeastern, which is a venture accelerator, as Ng attends Northeastern University. 

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We can’t thank you enough for checking out our project and helping us make DUO a reality.

We know not everyone will be able to support us with a pledge, so even if you can’t give a dollar or purchase a DUO, if you’re a supporter of DUO, you can help us spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and anywhere else you can think of!


There are always certain risks that can arise at any moment during a project like this. That being said, we’re confident in our ability to produce, and have taken all the necessary measures. We have a highly qualified team of engineers and have partnered with leading manufacturing and fulfilment companies around the world. We just need your help to bring everything to fruition. Don’t worry, we’re completely prepared to bring DUO to you, and we have the manpower to make it happen, but if anything comes up along the way, you’ll be the first to know.

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