A place were the future in sight is only the beginning. We’re not only building a product, but people too.

We offer fitness, commuter, and personal space stipends, catered lunch twice a week, snacks 24/7, health, dental, and vision insurance, and a familiarization flight on a real aircraft!

To empower our employees to strike a healthy work-life balance, we offer unlimited vacation time and personal days.

Continuous learning is a core ethos at Iris. We provide a yearly professional development stipend, regularly attend conferences and meet-ups, and meet for weekly learning lunches.

We build community through weekly all-team lunches, a coffee matching program that includes company leadership, and Happy Hour every Friday.

We offer birthing parents 12 weeks and non birthing, adoptive, and/or foster parents eight weeks of paid time away, with another eight weeks of schedule flexibility following time off.

Our team is working towards solving a major issue facing autonomous flight, thereby making it safer for pilots, operators, and members of the public. We drive towards this goal every day in the office and in the field.

San Francisco or Reno-Tahoe, Reno-Tahoe

San Francisco or Reno-Tahoe, Reno-Tahoe

San Francisco or Reno-Tahoe

We know that it’s as hard for you to find a great job as it is for us to find great team members. At Iris the hiring process is quick and responsive, all while giving you the best chance to show off your skills, knowledge, and personality.

Interviews are a chance for us to meet you personally and learn from you about your skills, experience, and personality. We’re pleased to meet you!

The Technical Challenge gives you a chance to show off your skills in a real world application. We send a challenge to all applicants and want to see you at your best!

Based on the challenge results, interviews, and culture fit we’ll let you know our final decision quickly.