Psychedelic Experience Retreats

Hi, I’m Stef, Director of Experience at the Psychedelic Society. I have a deep passion for introducing people to psychedelics and for creating an environment that will support mystical experience for those who have only taken them in a recreational context. Psychedelics have granted me some of the most profound experiences of my life, the ripples of which continue to have a positive and deeply meaningful impact on my life. I have experience with a wide variety of psychedelics, but have taken them with great respect and care every time, and believe in the importance of doing so.

I am a certified Forrest Yoga teacher, and have a regular meditation practice, most strongly inspired by Osho and the Diamond Approach. But my prayer is dance. I enjoy all kinds of rhythmic movement expression, but most regularly I dance tango, 5Rhythms and daily morning boogies at my house! I also play the Hang and clarinet, and love all things food and nourishment related.

My calling has always been to help others, initially leading me to obtain a bachelor in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford, and Masters degrees in International Affairs from Sciences Po in Paris and Columbia University in New York, followed by work in the environmental and human rights sector. However, as my own path has unfolded and spiritual journey deepened, I have become increasingly interested in the inner dimensions of change and healing, and specifically the overlap between psychotherapy and spirituality. After participating in the life-changing Path of Love (POL) process, I completed a training as a Holistic Counsellor, as well as additional modules in relationship counselling with the founders of POL, further refining my skillset to support others on their path towards truth and authenticity.

It is a profound honour to facilitate the Psychedelic Experience weekends and I do so bringing everything I've learned, and most importantly my full presence and love to hold the space and support those undertaking these deep, cosmic journeys.

Hi, I'm Stephen, and I'm the founder and director of the Psychedelic Society. I have extensive personal experience with a wide variety of psychedelics and have facilitated psychedelic sessions for a number of years. My psychedelic experiences have been amongst the most profound of my life, and have helped me to become a happier, calmer, kinder and more open-minded person.

I regularly dance 5Rhythms, facilitate Psychedelic Rhythms dance sessions, play squash and sit zazen. Psychedelics stimulated my interest in nondual philosophy and I am greatly inspired by the work of Alan Watts. I have attended meditation retreats at the Esalen Institute and Dhamma Dipa Vipassana meditation centre.

I am a camp lead for La Botica Exótica, a camp at European Burning Man events Nowhere and the Borderland, and have been on the organising team for several similar co-created gatherings in the UK. I am a committee member of the Breaking Convention multidisciplinary conference on psychedelic consciousness.

I live in London, enjoy a plant-based diet and do freelance digital work for a number of NGOs and political organisations. I have always been interested in the nature of reality and have Masters degrees in Physics from the University of Oxford and Complexity Sciences from the University of Bristol.

I believe that many people stand to benefit greatly from the careful use of psychedelic substances. I am deeply honoured to facilitate the Experience Weekends and bring to them my full love, energy and attention.

Hi, I’m Jen, one of the facilitators on the Experience Weekends and the co-founder of Psychedelic Meditation. For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the human mind, which I have come to see as one and the same with what we would call our heart: the seat of our spirit - wherein lies the potential for mystical insights and wisdom, awaiting to be tapped into - as well as that of our soul - the unique expression of our personal story and rich emotional life, instinctively moving towards healing and wholeness.

My encounter with psychedelics has opened up some significant doors into these realms (nowadays rarely explored in our materialistic, and principally outward-gazing society). I am so grateful for these precious opportunities, and feel deeply honoured to now be holding space for people to embark on similarly transformative journeys.

For more than a decade, I have been following a rigorous Tibetan Buddhist training under the close guidance of a recognised master. This has led me to spend over 500 days in retreat, including some prolonged periods of total silence and solitude to dive deep into the practice. I am now training as a transpersonal psychotherapist, and passionate about the synergy between psychotherapy, and meditative and psychedelic non-ordinary states of consciousness.

I also bring to my work a deep love of nature and a passion for (re)connecting to it in playful, creative, or ceremonial ways, as well as a genuine longing to live purposefully by helping and benefiting others to the very best of my ability.

Hello! My name is Ciara, I am from Dublin, but currently based in Berlin. Supporting people who are going through transformational experiences and exploring new aspects of themselves is one of my deepest passions and most developed skills.

I am an experienced psychonaut with a love and respect for an array of psychedelics. The conscious and considerate way I have used psychedelics has shaped my life path in a beautiful way, and they have acted as incredibly important healing tools for me.

I have a background in festival harm reduction, where I work with people who are having overwhelming substance related experiences in difficult environments, aiming to transform challenging experiences into ones of growth. I founded a harm reduction project called SPACE in Ireland, and have undertaken drug welfare training with ChillWelfare (UK) and training on Integrating Psychedelic Experience with Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (US).

While travelling in India I qualified as a BioDynamic bodywork therapist. My practice mainly focuses on massage therapy but I also have a big interest and extensive experience in holotropic breathwork and body movement techniques, working with the release of both physical and emotional tension and trauma.

I have an interest in community living, the body, philosophy, science, nature, mysticism, artistic expression, food, dancing, personal development, the list goes on, and I am happy to share more when we meet!

Words can’t express how blessed I feel to facilitate alongside the other amazing people on our Experience Weekends team, and to be able to sit with people through their profoundly beautiful journeys.

Hi, I'm Josh. I've been gathering and sharing edible mushrooms since I was a kid living in the fringes of London's Epping Forest. This fungal fixation took a thrilling turn when I first found magic mushrooms, liberty caps, on the wild Scottish Isle of Mull.

I've tried to avoid getting stuck on one side of false boundaries between nature and humanity, science and spirituality, body and mind, work and life. So I studied Human Sciences at uni, taught science to teenagers, then joined the ongoing 'psychedelic renaissance', working alongside leading researchers and clinicians at, the NHS and the Beckley Foundation.

I also trained as a holistic massage therapist and conservationist, recently wandering with peaceful, playful and critically endangered woolly monkeys though their Peruvian cloud forest as part of a master's degree in primatology.

My experiences of psychedelic states of consciousness have been life-enhancing. So I love the chance to support others trying this out for the first time, or trying to do so in a more intentional way. My passion for psychedelics (and sharing them) grew from my lifelong connection to nature, but gave it a new social, participatory and mystical dimension.

I gained experience as a volunteer for Festival Welfare Services, supporting people in altered states in a chaotic setting. That work is challenging but rewarding. It has been so much more fulfilling to co-create safe and serene Experience Weekends with participants like you and my gifted fellow facilitators. Together we cultivate an atmosphere that creates the best chance for meaningful experiences to unfold. I look forward to meeting you there.

Hi, I'm Biz. My soul mission is to amplify joy in the world. I am a freelance facilitator who has heard the call to hold space for women and is responding by collaborating with others from around the world exploring what it is to be a woman at this time. I experience a sense of clarity, purpose and meaning when amongst a circle of women. This focus has been a recurrent thread running through my work, ranging from the mundane to the adventurous (from boardrooms to boats - sailing across the Atlantic aboard an engine-less tallship being the highlight) exploring themes of sustainability, community-building and education.

Combining my thirst for adventure with a desire to make ideas happen, I have been supporting teams of young adults to set up social enterprises and community projects at Edventure:Frome, where I am now a trustee. I feel at home in psychedelic spaces that unleash my creativity, a deep reverence for life and connection to the natural world. Having been thrown in the deep end of a tumultuous year and journeyed through life's cocktail of dark and light, joy and pain, I value more than ever the power of working with groups in this way, humbled by holding space for others' healing and allowing the great mystery of these medicines to unfold. Mindful eating and soulful dancing are top on my list of life's pleasures along with running, cycling and wild swimming. I am currently based in Brighton where you'll find me running along the seafront training for a marathon and Iron (wo)man triathlon, unleashing my inner Artemis.