Asian Furniture

The term Asian furniture, or sometimes Oriental furniture, refers to a type of furniture that originated in the continent of Asia in various countries like China, Japan and Indonesia. Chinese furniture is mostly in plain polished wood, but from at least the Song dynasty the most luxurious pieces often used lacquer to cover the whole or parts of the visible areas

Today many examples of Oriental Furniture are painted in various colours and finished in high gloss lacquer. Practical fittings in metal such as hinges, lock plates, drawer handles and protective plates at edges or feet are used, and often given considerable emphasis to add a finishing touch to the piece.

Modern Asian furniture is also very elegant, different and highly durable. Asian furniture will surely give a new appearance to your home and build a positive adjustment in the ambience. Considering Asian Furniture for your home would be a very smart choice to make.

Oriental furniture could contain graces from Indonesia, China, Japan, India, or even the Philippines. Most oriental furniture is very simple in its design and very useful.A great thing about oriental furniture is that it amalgams so well with western furniture.

East Connection's Furniture range may hail mainly from India, but there are several pieces of a more Oriental style Asian Furniture that can add colour to any home. Sideboard and TV units, cabinets and cupboards in various paint finishes with brass details can add another dimension to your home giving it that well travelled global chic look to your interiors.

Other than Moroccan furniturea wide-ranging list of furniture categories at East Connection comprises of Antique Furniture, Vintage Furniture, Boho Style Furniture, Shabby Chic Furniture, Indian furniture, Reclaimed Timber Furniture and more!!