• We deliver fast quality sequencing services at affordable rates across multiple next generation sequencing platforms
  • Access to Illumina, Ion Torrent, Pacbio, Oxford Nanopore and Sanger sequencer
  • Expertise in Next Generation Sequencing DNA extraction & library preparation
  • Optimized protocols for NGS short read and long reads sequencing
  • Expert advice on DNA/RNA extraction from bacteria, fungi, plants, biofilms and difficult environmental samples.
  • 1010 Genome provides quality affordable bioinformatics data analysis services to research, clinical and biotech industry
  • Variant Identification – Quality analysis with low false positive / negative SNPs and INDELS
  • Differential Gene Expression – Tailored analysis based on  experiment design
  • Genome Assembly – Accurate and high quality ready to annotate assemblies for short reads, long reads or hybrid assemblies.
  • Metagenomics – Discover the biodiversity and gene pathways in your metagenomics samples
  • Custom Bioinformatics Analysis – Custom data analysis for tailored to your project requirements

We provide cost effective sequencing services for various next generation sequencing platforms – Illumina, Ion Torrent,
PacBio and Sanger.

We provide data analysis services for all Next Generaton Sequencing (NGS) platform that include Illumina, Ion Torrent and Pacbio.

Robust Exome sequencing data analysis pipelines to identify SNPs, INDELS, CNV and other structural variants

Identify diffrentially expressed genes, generate transcriptome assembly and study alternative spilicing events across samples with our suite of bioinformatics pipelines.

Generate high quality genome assembly ready for annotaion. We expertise in short read, long read or hybrid as per project demands.

Comprehensive biodiversity analysis to identify taxa and species of bacterial, fungal and archae present in metagenomic samples from soil, water or clinical sournces.

Explore the diversity and fucntions of microbes present in samples. Robust pipelines for shotgun metagenomics assembly, identify genes and pathways in environmental or clinical samples.

Use our robust pipelines to identify structural variants – INDELS, CNVs and STRs using short reads or long reads data for your genomic studies.

We provide customized bioinformatics services that include programming, data analysis and publication writting

We offer quick and high quality next-generation sequencing data analysis and bioinformatics services. Our dedicated team of experts work with you at every phase of project to deliver optimal results for your research and clinical studies. A team of bioinformaticians and computer scientists are constantly working to build advance data analysis pipeline to deliver best sequencing and bioinformatics data analysis results to you.

  • Dedicated experts
  • Well defined process
  • Support for all NGS platforms
  • High quality results
  • Bioinformatics data analysis pipeline
  • World Class computational infrastructure
  • Bioinformatics Expertise
  • Data Security
  • Post project support