How much does Netflix spend on Amazon AWS?

Robert Gibb, Writer and marketer for tech startups

According to Netflix’s profile on Intricately, Netflix spends about $40 million per month on cloud services. Of this $40 million, ~$23.6 million is spent on AWS.

Here is the breakdown of spend, from highest to lowest:

  • EC2 - $19 million
  • Elastic Load Balancer - $3 million
  • CloudFront - $1 million
  • S3 - $515,000
  • Route 53 - $117,000

We can only speculate as to how much Netflix spends on AWS. For example, given their size and visibility, we can suppose that they don’t pay the list prices for their own EC2 instances and the other services.

The most expensive line on an AWS bill is very often the bandwidth, as I tried to outline in https://www.thecloudhostinghandb... , and Netflix knows that so well that they built their own CDN [1] to optimize both the performance and the cost of this critical part of the infrastructure.


[1]: Netflix Open Connect


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As others have said, that information is entirely hidden, but we can do a little bit of math to figure out a “rough estimate”. Somewhere around $60–80 million is probably a good estimate considering the information that has leaked or been discussed. They certainly don’t pay the regular rates, as they bulk price, but because they run their own CDN, have bandwidth buys, and generally have decreased cost due to bulk ordering, that price looks correct.

They don't say specifically but if you watch this interview I did with Adrian Cockcroft I believe he hints at a rough approximation.  I don't recall exactly, but it's well under all of their other costs such as USPS mailing charges, CDN charges, and cost of content acquisition.

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