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Are you drowning in information, but starving for knowledge? Where do you keep your private remarks like ideas, personal plans, exam preparation, gift tips, how-tos, dreams, business vision, finance strategy, meeting minutes, auto coaching notes? Loads of documents, sketches and remarks spread around the file system, cloud, web and Post-it notes? Are you affraid of your knowledge privacy? Are you able to find then once you create them? Do you know how are they mutually related when you read or write them? No?

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MindForger is human mind inspired personal knowledge management tool:

MindForger aims to mimic human mind - learning, recalling, recognizing, associations, forgetting - in order to achieve synergy with your mind to make your searching, reading and writing more productive.

MindForger ensures that you own your personal data - ideas, remarks, plans, gift tips, how-tos, dreams, business visions, finance strategy and or coaching notes. It respects privacy and enables security of your knowledge.

MindForger seeks knowledge hidden in your remarks to enable its mining.

MindForger starts where editors and search engines end. It thinks as you search, browse, read and write. Once you find a remark, MindForger brings its associations. As you browse notes and read them it looks up related relevant knowledge in your notebooks. If you edit a remark, MindForger brings associations as you write. It reminds you about existing content related to the text being written.

MindForger is a desktop application for Linux.

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Multiple Markdown documents

MindForger provides IDE-style features for notes - they can be easily cloned, promoted, demoted, moved, extracted, refactored within one or across different Markdown files. MindForger connects conventional outline editor features with emerging technologies to make you more productive.

MindForger brings a basic set of stencils for quick creation of various notebook types - ranging from (regular) meeting minutes, software analysis and design documents to S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals and GROW model templates. You can easily add your own notebook/note stencils to boost your (organization) performance.

Your data can be easily synchronized among all your devices (workstations, laptops, tablets, mobile phones) in a variety of ways. Use SCM (own Git, private GitHub or BitBucket repo) and/or cloud drive (with custom encryption) you trust.

If you need to securely share MindForger repository or Markdown file with somebody else (colleague, friend, customer), then simply use a secure protocol (like SSH) and/or remote private SCM repository (like Git) which enables cooperation.

You can easily create compressed archive with your data and store it as backup. If you are fine with a remote private CMS repository or cloud drive, then MindForger repository can be backed up incrementally in more than one location.

MindForger screenshot

Markdown editor with syntax highlighting

Free software is primarily a matter of liberty, not price. You are free to do what you want with your copy of a free software regardless of how much is paid to obtain the program. MindForger is licensed under free software license + you don’t pay for downloading and using MindForger.

Even initial MindForger implementation is able to work with relatively big Markdown files and repositories - 1000s of sections and 100s of files are parsed and indexed instantly and can be searched, viewed and edited without any problem.

MindForger stores your data locally on your machine. It does not upload anything anywhere. Neither your data nor anonymized digest is uploaded to the Internet (cloud, server or service).

MindForger repository can be easily encrypted using any tool by you e.g. ecryptfs.

If you want to try MindForger as Markdown IDE/editor, then check examples below. Simply clone Git repository and open it from its root directory using MindForger:

JavaScript Algorithms

git clone && cd javascript-algorithms && mindforger .
git clone && cd progit/en && mindforger .
Pure Bash Bible
git clone && cd pure-bash-bible && mindforger .
Check documentation for more Markdown content examples.

Current MindForger implementation is just an initial imperfect sketch of much broader vision. It's purpose is to demonstrate viability of thinking notebook idea and to show possible research directions.

Feel free to contribute! Don't hesitate to contact me.

  • Bugs and suggestions ... submit bugs, issues, ideas and enhancements.
  • Translations ... translate MindForger to your language.
  • Platform support ... port MindForger to your favorite OS or distribution.
  • Code ... submit pull request or patch with implementation of a feature you missed.
  • Research ... consider making your AI/ML, NLP, data mining, ... research on top of (your) documents indexed to MindForger ontology.
  • Integration ... how-to or code enabling integration with your (favorite) project.
  • Enhancements ... submit performance, efficiency and/or productivity enhancements.
  • Documentation ... write a document, blog post or tweet, create YouTube video, ...