Industrial 4G Modem

4G Modem

The E-Lins Industrial 4G modem is a compact, ruggedized designed for mission-critical connectivity in the most challenging environments. It is qualified for M2M (Machine to Machine), IoT (Internet of Things) and In-Vehicle applications. With an extensive list of safety and hardening certifications, which is engineered to protect against extreme temperatures, humidity, shocks, vibrations, dust, reverse polarity, and transient voltage, which is widely used in more than twenty industrial fields, such as CCTV security surveillance, vehicle, Telemetry, vending machines, power control, AMR, traffic, oil field, weather forecast, environmental protection, street lamp control, post, bank and many other areas.

E-Lins 4G Modem

In the current age where life without internet is indispensable, the need for high internet speed is something everyone loos for. A slow internet connection has a telling effect on people for whom half of their work rests on the mercy of good internet speed.

To harness the full potential of 4G speed you need a compatible 4G Modem that can support its functionality. In this context a 4G Modem helps you to achieve supersonic speeds that you never imagined. It is an extremely compact modem that can extend your internet coverage which makes it an ideal choice for business users who travel frequently and who need a secure and fast internet connection.

It also gives you the option of using multiple devices through a single connection and enables you to share the fun of amazing internet speed with friends and family. When it comes to downloading a Modem can easily outperform a 3G Modem and display its high internet speed prowess.

This modem poses as an exemplary solution for portable internet connectivity and as a trouble shooter of slow internet woes. This 4G Modem is a value for money product as it has a lot to offer at a reasonable price with extensive functions.

It has a flexible networking that supports 4G network which allows users to enjoy uninterrupted and fast live video streaming, HD downloads, conference calling, online gaming and much more at blazing speed.

Besides all these awe-inspiring features, it also offers dependable security that keeps your device safe from harmful content, enables you to exercise parental controls and offers firewall options as well which keeps your network safe and prevents unauthorized access, malware attacks and safeguards data privacy.

It has detachable directional or omni-directional antennas that function with premium technology to provide better Internet coverage, speed and stability. The overall performance of this Modem is simply amazing and it features a sim card slot which is even better. This user-friendly modem is a one-stop destination to access Internet speeds of heavy bandwidth, enabling you to download and stream HD videos and movies like never before.

Apart from modems, E-Lins Technology provides a wide range of 4G Routers designed for mission-critical connectivity in the most challenging environments.

E-Lins provides full series of industrial 4G modem with sim card slot and external antenna. With the industrial 4G modem, it helps quick network building for wireless M2M/IoT applications. The current E-Lins 4G modem with sim card slot provide powerful features and performance, one SIM only. However we provide additional OEM/ODM, and other customization service to meet your own modem LTE design, including the case, color, package, accessories, software feature and hardware configuration. Even we can make a dual SIM modem.”

“Does E-Lins Provide industrial 4G modem OEM/ODM Customization? Do you have Dual SIM Modem?