Adult Dating Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire isn’t just a beautiful county, it’s the perfect location to meet a new lover. Here on Affairs and Dating, we’ve got plenty of singletons (and not-so-singletons!), and in Cambridgeshire you’ve got all the great date venues you’ll ever need.

Affairs and Dating in Cambridgeshire

If you’re looking to meet someone special, someone casual or a one night fling, you’ve come to the right place, Affairs and Dating has plenty of members right here in Cambridgeshire, so whether you’re looking for a new partner, or for a bit of naughty extramarital fun, Cambridgeshire has you covered. Plus, there are loads of great places to enjoy a special date night out.

Choose the Right Venue

Never underestimate the importance of choosing the right venue. If someone’s a little hard to please and expects Michelin stars, they’re going to be pretty turned-off when you take them ten pin bowling! Having said that, a silly date can be absolutely perfect when you’re after a little bit of hilarious, casual fun.

Perfect Casual Date Venues

You can never go wrong with cocktails! A couple of sweet, tasty cocktails in a stylish but relaxed environment, while chatting in a quiet, secluded corner can make for the perfect date. I’d recommend 90 Cocktails in Cambridgeshire. If you’re more into pubs, maybe try out The Cambridge Blue, renowned for their spectacular range of bottled beers.

Romantic Date Venues

Sometimes nothing’s better than a swanky, super-romantic setting, especially if you’re a suave, smooth-talker. Restaurant Twenty-Two in Cambridgeshire serve fine British cuisine in an intimate, romantic setting. Perfect for the formal, sophisticated date.

Cheesy Date Venues

If you’re after a hilarious, novel first or second date, Cambridge has a good selection of escape rooms. Have you ever been to an escape room? You and your date will end up solving a series of puzzles and riddles to escape. Maybe not the most insanely romantic, but novel, hilarious and a sure way to laugh your date into bed. Maybe try the zoo or bowling if you’re terrible at puzzles!