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Coach Transformation Academy is an ICF (International Coach Federation) approved training institute in Beirut, Lebanon. As an ICF accredited training institute in Beirut, Lebanon, Coach Transformation Academy offers ICF accredited Professional Life coaching certification coaching program in Beirut, Lebanon. Coach Transformation Academy is known for its best and world class Life Coach certification Training programs not just in Lebanon but in rest of the world. We would highly recommend undergoing this course if you want to become a certified life coach as this course is accredited by ICF. Our Life Coach Certification training course is an ICF accredited professional coaching skills certification program, which is covered in 60 hours of coach training and 10 hours of coach mentoring. Life coaching is one of the fastest growing businesses in Beirut, Lebanon. Life Coach Certification Training course is one of the most demanded coaching certification training courses in Beirut, Lebanon. Those who prefer an online course can apply and attend this course online as well.

Coach Transformation Academy conducts professional life coach certification program in Beirut, Lebanon, this ICF accredited Life Coaching Certification program also contains 10 hours of mentoring during this life coach training. You will be required to coach your peer coach and basis your performance we will provide a detailed feedback for further enhancing your life coaching skills during this mentoring sessions. Coach Transformation Academy covers these 10 hours in two different ways 7 hours of group mentoring and 3 hours of one on one mentoring sessions with your coach trainer.

Coach Transformation Academy covers this program in 60 hours of coach training, all 60 hours are instructor led even online sessions are conducted face to face, they are not recorded sessions. Coach Transformation Academy conducts Life Coach Certification training in Beirut Lebanon; we conduct life coach training in Beirut, Lebanon and we conduct 4 days classroom training in order to cover 32 hours of coach training out of 60 hours and remaining hours through online classes. Your complete life coaching certification training will take 3 months from the time you attend the workshop in Beirut. We conduct this ICF accredited Life Coaching Certification online as well for those who prefer to attend it online, this course takes 3 months of online coaching training to get completed.

Coach Transformation Academy will help you discover how emotions, beliefs, values can block anyone to unleash their potential and you as a certified & professional life coach how can you help your client to move and perform to their best. Life coach training is all about understanding different aspect of life and how these aspects impact humans and their emotions. Almost every working professional and our participant has called life coach training as life changing training for them, in this course you will not only learn and become a professional and certified life coach, you will also identify how life coaching can help you identify your purpose of life.

Our coach training is an extensive learning experience of learning new life coaching model, ICF coaching competencies and practicing them by applying in your coaching practice sessions with Coach Transformation Academy and further getting a detailed feedback report on your coaching skills from your coach trainer.

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