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Repatriation is the act of relocating the body or ashes of the deceased from the foreign country to the land of origin. This may be accompanied by the will of the deceased or the desire of the family to bury their loved ones in their native country. Eternity Funeral provides complete international repatriation services ranging from the removal of the deceased, the embalming, the provision of a proper casket for air transport, signing of the legal documentation for foreign shipment and the flight to the deceased’s home country. When your relative is dead while on a journey or working overseas, our repatriation service will help you to airlift the deceased back to the home country safely. The repatriation services are not expensive as may be judged by others who have not paused to give it a try. The reason behind our business is to support you during this time of sorrow. We are always prepared to repatriate the deceased whether it is inbound or outbound to Singapore. We are the repatriation service provider loved and endorsed by the embassy here in Singapore.
We possess full experience in conducting repatriations to countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, and America. Our services encompass transfer of the body from funeral homes, embalming, licensing, signing of the necessary documents, seeking approval from relevant authority, airlifting and international coordination. We are able to coordinate with the foreign funeral director to collect the repatriated body at the destination country. In addition, our inbound services cover transport arrangements for relatives to the country where the deceased met her/his death, the facilitation of repatriation with the local authorities and funeral director, and relocating the body back to Singapore. When the deceased is transported back to Singapore, we are able to help in arranging for a suitable funeral wake/service and cremation/burial. We do customize our repatriation services to suit the need of the deceased family.

Why Choose our Singapore repatriation Services?

Eternity Funeral is one of the leading funeral solution companies in Singapore with the widest and strongest experience in repatriation services. We consider ourselves as the home of the inbound and outbound when it comes to repatriation. You can rely on us to provide support when your relative is dead while travelling or working overseas. Our extensive knowledge and experience ensure that you get the best assistance during every step of the repatriation process. Our experts are well conversant with all matters concerning worldwide repatriation.
At Eternity Funeral, we are confident that no other competitors can outdo us in the market. We coordinate with airline companies, funeral directors and government offices in order to repatriate the body smoothly and with the highest dignity. We are the repatriation service provider adored by the embassies in Singapore. We have several options for repatriation services and we can make arrangements that suit the host country, foreign country or wish of the bereaved family. We are in business because of you; as a result, our representatives are always ready to respond to your inquiry.

Our Repatriation Package Price

We have different category of repatriation packages depending on inbound or outbound requirements. Our charges are favorable and we stick to our standard pricing policy published on this website. Currently, our repatriation package starts at $3,000 and may slightly vary based on whether it is inbound or outbound.

How to engage our repatriation service??

Contact us today if you are interested in engaging our repatriation services. You may also inquire about our repatriation packages by filling our online form embedded on this website. We are at your service 24 hours clock regardless of weekends.