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Our Christian funeral packages differ based on the layout required for different homes or funeral parlors. Apparently, some setups will need a tailored quotation after further consultation with the family engaging our Christian funeral services. Our charges range from $4,588 for a 3 day funeral and $5,088 for a 5 day funeral. You may also pay additional of $ 250 for each extra day covered.


  • A wooden casket with half glass on top for viewing the body.

Collection and Preparation of the Body

  • Body transportation from either home or hospital to our professional embalming facility
  • Embalming of the body to last for the duration of the funeral
  • Makeup and hair care
  • Dressing and casketing. The clothes used for dressing is to be provided by the family. Alternatively, we provide clothes too but at additional charges
  • Sending of the casket back to the HDB void deck

Funeral Day Arrangements

  • Booking of cremation slots at the Crematorium
  • Glass hearse to transfer Casket to Crematorium for Cremation
  • Pall bearers accompanying the hearse to carry casket as and when required

Casket Area Set Up

  • Tents, curtains and carpeted flooring at the casket arena
  • 2 Surrounding canvas
  • Christian funeral backdrop and decor

Tables and Chairs for the Wake

  • 10 rounds table and 15 square ones
  • 50 plastic chairs

Fans and General Lightings

  • 2 large standing fans
  • 4 small fans
  • General lighting for the whole void deck wake area

Mobile Toilet

  • The mobile toilet will be provided throughout the wake

Funeral Photo Setup

  • 2 A4 photo plus 6 passports sized ones
  • Wooden photo frame to house the photo

Funeral Floral Arrangements

  • 1 floral wreath to line the photo frame
  • 1 Fresh funeral flowers arrangement to be placed on the Memorial table.

Other Essentials

  • 2 register book for the recording of donations
  • 2 Funeral notice to be displayed at the wake
  • 2 air con coach to transport relatives and guest to Crematorium

Important Note

Food and beverages will be paid separately depending on the quality consumed. We do stock varieties of food stuff suitable for all mourners present at the funeral ceremony. You may also opt to prepare food by yourself, especially when the funeral is conducted at the home of the bereaved.

Why Choose Us?

At Eternity Funeral, we offer professional Christian funeral advice to the bereaved families in and out of Singapore. We are the Christian funeral service provider preferred by many Christians here in Singapore. During service delivery, we avail of all our package inclusions to serve the families and mourners present at the vigil. Our standard pricing rule is fair to all Christian families. Most importantly, we are signatories to the government registration authorities for best practice in emergency situations, especially when acquiring death certificate or burial permit. We stay committed to ensuring befitting burial; hence our professionals are well trained to handle everything in the way of Christian norms.

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Call our helpline at Eternity Funeral and get more details about our Christian funeral package. You may also contact us via email by clicking this link. Our 24 hour clock team is ready to attend you at your comfort.