Buddhist Funeral Package | Singapore Funeral Services For Buddhist Funerals

Our funeral package differs depending on the need of your Buddhist funeral. At the start, we charge $4000 for a 3 day Buddhist funeral package and $5600 for a 5 day Buddhist funeral package to cater to the design, casket and other basic requirements. However, the ultimate price will depend on your Buddhist funeral requirements after we engage in budget consultation together.
Here are the catalogued items that contribute to the final amount you will pay:


  • Buddhist Sutra blanket is issued.
  • A premium wooden casket

Transferring Into Our Care

  • Cosmetology services by our expert morticians inclusive of hair design
  • Clothing the body and casketing. The family may provide befitting clothes for the deceased
  • Relocating the body from the funeral home to our care.
  • Embalming activities at our embalming theatre
  • Moving the casket to the HDB void deck for funeral setup

Hdb Void Deck Funeral Setup (Choice Of Yellow Or White Theme)

  • Buddhist style backdrop and decor setup
  • Tent setup, curtains and carpeting the floor at the casket area
  • Surrounding canvas

Tables And Chairs For The Wake

  • 8 round tables and 10 square ones
  • 200 plastic chairs

General Lightings

  • General lighting for the whole void deck wake arena

Mobile Toilet

Funeral Photo Setup

  • A4 enlarged colored photo with Wooden photo frame
  • 6 colored passport sized photos

Funeral Floral Arrangement

  • 2 flowery wreath to line the photo frame (size: 11 inches by 13 inches)
  • 2 fresh funeral flowers bouquets on deceased altar region
  • 2 fresh funeral flowers bouquets to be used for offering on Buddha’s altar

Buddhist Chanting Services And Food Offerings

  • A single set of Vegetarian food and fruits offerings will be provided for each of the above 3 monks led ritual sessions
  • A Buddhist monk to lead the chanting during en-coffin, last night rituals and on the funeral day itself
  • A single set of Buddha food offering

Buddhist Ceremonial Items

  • Sandalwood coil, Sandalwood and Sandalwood Powder. (To be placed into the casket by the family)
  • Deceased’s Toiletries Set, Directional Lamp and White Flag.
  • 2 Red Pail for floral water.
  • Large, small Joss sticks, 8hr Joss sticks and Incense Urn.
  • 1 Paper Tablet.
  • Red Candles, Lotus Candles, Oil and Oil Lamp.

Other Essentials

  • Contribution vessel
  • 2 Funeral Notice to be displayed at the wake
  • 1 receptionist book for recording funeral donations
  • Reception table

Funeral Day Arrangements

  • Booking of a space for burning the body
  • 1 air con coach to bring relatives and guest to Crematorium and back
  • Buddhist style glass hearse to transfer Casket for cremation.
  • Pall bearer services

Post Funeral Service

  • Towel and coins gift pack for visitors
  • Unique floral water setup (for cleansing)
  • Complimentary ash collection service
  • Post funeral customary advice for 7th, 49th, 100th, 1st year and 3rd year prayers

Important Note

Food and beverages will be charged independently based on what your visitors consume. Funerals conducted in the funeral home may need a tailored quote to suit tent setup.

Why Choose Our Buddhist Funeral Package?

Terence is a reliable funeral service director experienced in conducting and arranging Buddhist Funeral Services. We have experienced service team which caters solely for Buddhist funeral cases. We serve families with honesty and competence from design to burial or cremation. Our Buddhist specialists work around the clock to bring hope and relief to the bereaved families whose lives are shattered by the death of their loved ones. We serve all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender. At Terence, we have been issuing professional advice to Buddhists during the conduct of most funeral processions here in Singapore. Our dedication to guaranteeing a proper practice of Buddhists funeral rites has made us on top of the list amongst our competitors. It is our pleasure to continuously serve the bereaved Buddhist families that acquire our funeral services amidst our competitors.

To Enquire About Our Buddhist Funeral Package

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