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A funeral provides a meaningful opportunity for the living to celebrate with the deceased for a life well lived. Your relatives have the opportunity to mourn and honor the deceased for the last time. It is the goal of Eternity Funeral to provide emotional support to the bereaved families. We serve Singapore families the same way we would expect to be served. Handling everyone with the same honor and respect we would want our loved one to receive. At Eternity Funeral, we conduct funeral services in line with the wishes of the deceased’s relatives. Our company guarantees an honorable funeral you will be proud of regardless of your financial status. Historically, a complete funeral service encompasses viewing of the deceased, burial of the casketed body, chanting of burial rites, body Virgil and etc. When you engage our funeral services, you participate in organizing a ceremonious send-off for your loved one. We have supported thousands of families since the incorporation of this company, and will constantly work to help the bereaved families without any discrimination. Don’t worry as your loved ones will be ushered home in a special way.

Why Choose Our Services?

With extended years of experience, we have handled several funeral services here in Singapore and have grown to be well conversant with all funeral standards placed by state policy. Our funeral directors are armed with adequate expertise and experience to guide you throughout this sorrowful moment. They plan and implement all kinds of funeral and memorial services that will dignify your loved one and console the surviving families. Our staffs are well trained to handle funeral services associated with the traditions of all religions and non-believers. When you acquire our services, your native Language should not be a barrier. We have multilingual staffs specialized in Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese respectively. We endeavor to make you feel guaranteed and relaxed during this time of sorrow.

Those who acquire our services will also be attended by our specialists who are trained to console and comfort the bereaved. We have no hidden cost because the prices published on our website are what you will be billed for. Our dealings are legal and clear. We boast ourselves to deliver wonderful funeral services and that is why Singapore families prefer our services. With Eternity Funeral, feel at home because you have landed on the right path when it comes to funeral services here in Singapore. Click here to view what our clients say about us.