Monday assorted links

By Tyler Cowen

Abolish the clerks or put them under the full control of the SCOTUS Librarian administrative section.
Abolish these llittle private fiefdoms of the Justices.

The architecture at Harvard is impressive, all those old humble but sturdy but still indecisive Puritan buildings, built so well and so grandly and quietly aware of their merit; and Stanford, as described by Yvor Winters, is nothing less than the Platonic ideal of a place, in the West of today, where deep thoughts can be discussed:

but is there philosophy in Harvard, in Stanford?

Let us not mistake the map for the territory:
philosophy is not texts, or at least it is not simply texts:

philosophy is that portion of the truth we understand when we are able, somewhere in havens of peace in the difficulties of life that we all face, to speak, heart to heart, with another creature of God, and to try to understand why we are here, and why we are wrong when we ignore those who would be so happy for whatever little kindness we show them, our thoughtful conversation, our intellectual efforts, our physical efforts, our charity

there is lots of that in China not saying I am an expert on China although to tell the truth I have never met anyone from China who was not glad, in late evening hours, to talk with me about the deep history of that beloved far-off country, where so much has happened...

not saying I am an expert on China, just saying ....

is there philosophy in the neighborhoods in California, near (well, within an hour's drive - let us be realistic, not that many people can live near the ocean) the beautiful Pacific beaches that Americans have loved for so long, where many Chinese people live (and where even Michael Savage, the radio celebrity, has stated that there are great restaurants where Chinese people have developed a cuisine from the locally available markets of vegetables and fish and so on, over the years, that is wonderful - full of wonder - look up the philology of wonder .... )

the question answers itself
(for those who do not follow, the question was, is there philosophy in those neighborhoods in the Bay Area where lots of Chinese people have settled over the last 150 year?)

where people care about each other, as GOD wants them to, there you will find philosophy

the question answers itself


You see, my friends, philosophy is not a question of intellectual priority, or scholarship, even extremely devoted and high-level scholarship.
If "Wee WIllie Keeler" took a half swing and popped the ball between the shortstop and the left fielder on some IMPORTANT AT THE TIME baseball field afternoon a few generations ago, well, it was put down in the record books, but if somebody playing the game today does the same thing nobody says "He did what Wee Willie Keeler did"

Same thing for philosophy. Nobody really cares what the texts say, that is just details. And no philosophy is not footnotes to Plato.

Let's begin with merely this: is God intelligent?
If God is not intelligent, then there is no such thing as philosophy qua philosophy - "love of wisdom" - there is simply the virtue of doing what is right.

and if God exists, then philosophy becomes more interesting. Let us say God has created the future, then philosophy is the most exact of sciences.

Let us say that God has not created the future, that we have free will and that God loves us, then philosophy is something so much more interesting than it was yesterday, when we thought it was a subject in academia.

And if God exists then certainly there is a lot of philosophy in China, and in every country.

Let us not be librarians, my friends, except to the extent that librarians are useful: let us be, after those of us called to be librarians have headed home from their necessary and useful and wonderful labors, let us be philosophers.

And of course God exists, you can trust me on that. Cor ad cor loquitur, if nothing else