Meet Arsenal, the intelligent assistant for your DSLR or mirrorless camera.

North of You (doing business as ‘Arsenal’) is a Kickstarter-launched hardware/software company. Since we introduced Arsenal in 2017, we have been growing quickly. We’re out to help people get better photos using computational photography, machine learning, and photography workflow improvements.

As mobile phones and their onboard cameras get smarter and more powerful, more and more people are discovering a love for photography. At Arsenal, we want to bring the joy and ease of modern photography to the world of big image sensors and lenses, taking what is a clunky and often mystifying experience for users and simplifying it so they can capture and share amazing photos.

The Very Best

Ok, every company says they hire the best people. Arsenal is a unique and challenging product to create. Frankly, without the best people, we wouldn’t have a product. But it's not enough to hire the best people, we also wanted to create an environment that let's them do their very best work.

What Makes Working at Arsenal Different

Remote Team

Our software team is remote. Even in San Francisco, if you think all of the best people live within driving distance of your office, you’re kidding yourself. (And our “headquarters” is in Montana, so yea...) Having a remote team comes with trade-offs, but we think the benefits of having the most talented people outweigh the downsides.

Limiting Distractions

Some companies spend a ton of time trying to make themselves seem like a fun place to work. Fortunately for us, our product itself is fun to work on. So we do our best to get out of the way and let the team get stuff done. That means minimal project management, no more process than we absolutely need, and zero TPS reports.

Smart Productivity

Companies love to say they are data driven, but many ignore study after study about worker productivity. The data shows that for highly skilled and creative work like programming, anything more than 40 hours a week results in less productivity in the long run. We believe in making the most out of the time you are working, so you can make the most of the time you’re not working.

Make an Impact

We care about making products that bring our customers joy. We're about bold ideas and creative solutions. As we strive to write high quality, performant software that makes the world of photography better, we're looking for like-minded individuals to join us.